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Global Express Premium Class Charter Services


What the program is all about


The purpose of a Global Express Premium Class Charter is to provide senior pilots (30.1+ hours) of Global Express and/or Global Air International, a means of participating in a more realistic way of requesting a flight and flying that flight. It is for the pilot who wishes to show his professionalism and receive extra credit for doing so as this service pays pilots in double hours/flight hours.


Global Express Premium Class Charters are available as a separate request (known as a bid) and a pilot must receive direct approval BEFORE they can fly this aircraft. Once a pilot receives approval to conduct a flight with this aircraft, they will receive a contract to conduct the flight.


The contract will specify a departure date, time and location. It will indicate who will be chartering this aircraft which will be available to clients who can afford the charter. A Global Express Premium Class Charter is expensive and conducted on only one aircraft. A flight will take place at a specified time which means once a contract is written, no other contracts will be flown until the aircraft has completed its current flight and such status will be kept on a contract status sheet.



Contract numbers will be kept on a contract sheet so it will not be duplicated under the same contract number at a later date for another pilot. A contract chart showing flight status will be posted for current and historic purposes much like a regular roster but your normal VA roster account will be the only place your true total hours are kept.


Sample of contract status sheet:


Gen Tech Elect
Nov 10 2007
Stafferson Pvt Party
Nov 13 2007
Applied Logistics Corp
Todays date
In Progress
Applied Logistics Corp
Next day
Wesfield Dynamics

The MD-90 Aircraft especially configured for the Global Express Premium Class Chatres is located at Mid Continent International Airport (KMCI) in Kansas City, Misourri so it can be easily dispatched all over the Americas. Once cleared for your flight and after takeoff, you (the pilot) must make every effort to fly your aircraft as professionally as possible to include as smooth a flight as possible. The fees to charter this aircraft are very high and the client deserves the best service aboard and that includes a very smooth ride all the way to their destination. The gratuity to the flight crew will be equal to twice a days pay.


This means that if you conduct your flight professionally and file your arrival reports with care and accuracy, you will receive twice the flight credit in hours. This service is available on a reservation and first come first served basis. Once you have completed a flight, you will not be able to fly this aircraft for 10 days so others will have an opportunity to participate. Please keep in mind if you make a request for these flights and you cannot complete your contract and do not contact the CIO/Flight Crew Manager 24 hours prior of scheduled departure, you will forfeit that flight and have to wait 6 months before you may request another charter flight. Your flight will be shown as "Cancelled" and it will not be reissued to anyone because the customer has gone elsewhere for their needs. This of course is not acceptable and further cancelled flights could preclude a pilot from future participation in the program.


Global Express Premium Class Charteris a very exclusive aircraft to the client, it is expensive. Because of the expense, all meals and beverages are totally inclusive in the charter costs and to give one an idea of such costs, the bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac, in the beverage menu is $1899.99. This wine is complementary aboard this service.


Although this whole program seems a bit confusing it really is not because we do all the work, you just have to track your status by the email we send to you and pay attention to your contract information. Is it fun? It sure is and the pilots who have tested and participated in this program have enjoyed the opportunity to participate.


If you have the necessary skill and professionalism, can follow the guidelines and meet the requirements of a contract flight, then we welcome you as a pilot of a Global Express Permium Class Charter flight.


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