Global Express Airways
A Global Air International Subsidiary  

A virtual airline serving the
United States, Canada, Mexico
and the Caribbean.

With International connections through
our parent company
Global Air International
to the world.

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Welcome to Global Express Airways! We are one of the newest and fastest growing airlines based in the United States. Global Express Airways is the domestic carrier for our parent company Global Air International and where ALL Global Line Pilots start their career.   

If you are a dedicated Pilot who is looking for a friendly, structured, more realistic and personal approach to your flight sim experience; feel free to look over our site, our Route Map, read our SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) by clicking on the SOP link to the left, download your first Global Express Airways aircraft in our hanger and then click on the Join Us link at the top of the page.

Have Questions? Click on the Contact Us link on the top of this page and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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